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Therefore, especially for you, we select the best traders who undergo a multi-stage selection and already manage deposits from $ 500,000. Only then do we trust them to share their deals with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is copy trading?

A way to earn money on the stock exchange when the user copies the trader's transactions. Copy trading can be manual and automatic

Who are the Bin Trade Group?

A team with more than 5 years of experience in the field of copy trading

How does copy trading work?

The trader trades on his account and trades are automatically opened on your account. All the trader's actions are duplicated by you

Is it safe?

The money is stored on your balance. We can only access transactions, but not the balance

How much money can I start with?

The minimum amount to start is $100

What is your benefit?

You pay us a commission from your income

How to set everything up correctly?

For your convenience, we have video guides for setting up all the necessary elements

Has anyone worked with you before?

Yes. Feedback on working with us is publicly available and you can read them

Where can I ask other questions?

You can write to us at any time and ask any question you are interested in


Instructions for the platform

We will tell you how to register on our platform, how convenient it is to use it.

Working with Binance

We will show you how to register and create a subaccount on Binance.

Working with Bitget

Let's show you how to register and create a subaccount on BitGet.


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